Ad images that convert all share these 3 characteristics:

  1. Stop the Scroll. Eye-catching images help you stand out online and stop viewers in their tracks.
  2. Command Attention. Break through the noise to be see, be heard, and be understood by the viewer.
  3. Pre-Qualify the Prospect. Provide the insights necessary for your viewer to make a good decision to click.

The majority of ads are plain and boring.

Most people are using images of themselves and it’s honestly a wasted opportunity when promoting to cold traffic.

Your ad images give you the opportunity to tell a story that enters the conversation already going on in your ideal customer’s mind.

We want your prospect to immediately project themselves into the story you are telling.

 • We don’t want clicks…
 • We especially don’t just want ANY old click...
 • We want QUALIFIED clicks....

And more importantly, we want qualified clicks who are more likely to take a specific desired action.

This intentional and covert psychological positioning pre-frames, prequalifies and positions your ideal prospect to become a customer and loyal raving fan.

I hope this helps!