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Why can <they> do something and I can't?

"I saw ____ running a similar ad, but when I run it my account got shut down, why?"

People come to us regularly saying "you said we can't do this in our ads, but I see this person doing it in their ads".

We always advise people to not worry about what other people are doing

YES, like anywhere, there will be some people who seem to get away with anything. It's not fair. But there's nothing you can do about it. And it's not a matter of IF they will eventually get shut down but WHEN.

Nowhere in life does it really bring you value to compare yourself with what other people are doing. It goes double on ad networks.

We encourage all advertisers to

1) be compliant, and
2) worry about YOUR ads.

And, if you need help, we have a free Policy & Compliance training here (with nothing for sale):

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